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Three of the Directors of New Zealand Teledermatology are Trustees for DermNet New Zealand, a highly successful online resource about skin diseases, conditions and treatments established in 1995. This is an educational application of teledermatology. It is used by dermatologists, other health professionals, students and patients worldwide. More about DermNet New Zealand ...

The Directors of New Zealand Teledermatology have also been involved in clinical trials in interactive and store-and-forward teledermatology and teledermatoscopy. This has resulted in numerous publications, presentations and posters at scientific meetings in New Zealand and overseas.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals relating to the process of teledermatology are listed here.

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  • CHENG H, OAKLEY A, Rademaker M. Lesion evolution triggers referral of paediatric patients to a teledermoscopy clinic. Aust J Dermatol. 2012;53(A1-A9).
  • OAKLEY A, RADEMAKER M. Excised skin lesions diagnosed by teledermoscopy. Aust J Dermatol 2010; 51 (Suppl 1): A38
  • E. TAN, M. JAMESON, A. YUNG, M. RADEMAKER, A. OAKLEY. Successful triage of patients referred to a skin lesion clinic using teledermoscopy (Molemap program). Aust J Dermatol 2009; 50 (Suppl 1): A24-5.
  • OAKLEY Amanda MM. DermNet NZ, Consumer Health Information about the Skin (2006). In: Eysenbach G. (ed.) Improving Public Health Through the Internet. Abstracts Book, 11th World Congress on Internet in Medicine, Toronto, Oct 14-19th, 2006 (pg 90). Toronto, ON: JMIR Publications.
  • Oakley ADD, Reeves F, Bennett J, Homes SH. Diagnostic value of a written referral and/or images for skin lesions. J Telemed Telecare December 1, 2005 11: 108-113

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